Friday, May 19, 2017

New Inspiration!

Hi Fellow Crafters...

So lately I have been spending time (online) with a very crafty lady named Candie Cooper! Her blog site is She makes jewelry using mixed media and is a very fun lady to watch. She does live  video casts on Facebook and has been my inspiration as of late.
If you get a chance look her up and watch one of the many videos on her Facebook site, and/or check out her blog. She also has an etsy shop and sells some of the cutest stuff, both already made stuff and supplies.
I have been beefing up my supplies as of late and will be posting pics of my latest creations later. So I just wanted to share a wonderful new resource for ideas and inspiration!

later, Cat

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hello Fellow Crafters!

Its me again. This time I am going to talk about my nemesis...getting organized! I am currently separating my beads by color which in my mind will make it easier for me to assemble and get what I need if they are in different boxes! Im almost done and will be putting the boxes back on the shelf. Then I can start creating again. Getting organized is a big help and will make it so much easier for me to access my many different types and colors of beads. I'll let you know how this works out! LOL!

"Gambler's rosary"
My latest passion is to make rosaries. I have made some and they have been greatly appreciated by those who receive them. But I think I will be making them to sell now. Each rosary takes a lot of time to make each link. You have to cut the wire and loop it and then connect it to the next bead or chain. It is a tasking process and one has to take care to make sure the loops are secure and closed tightly so that the rosary doesn't fall apart. I have found a wonderful site to buy my crosses and scapula's from and they have them in all types of metals and they even have beads. Here is the site's address if you are interested. As you can see by the two pictures, I made two very different types of rosaries recently. One was a "Gambler's Rosary" and I had that idea from seeing the plastic dice beads. I entered it at the local fair and it got a honorable mention, but everyone laughs about it and thinks I should make more and sell them at the local casino!!  Not really sure about that!  The other rosary is more traditional and I recently gifted that to my mom who loves it. It got First Place at the fair and was fun to make. Tedious but fun!  Check them out for your rosary needs!
Here is a link to how to make a rosary: this link even has a video to help you make a rosary and also other resources.

copper and beads
Another thing I have been doing is some sewing. I am going to be making aprons to add to my items to sell. Hopefully I will do a craft fair or two this season and wanted to have something other than just jewelry. I think that aprons may be making a comeback because people are cooking more and staying home and aprons are great for keeping those clothes clean! I will post pictures when I get them done!

I have also been doing a lot of crocheting! Making hats for my womens club and some baby hats for friends. I like to sit and crochet in the evenings and watch tv. It is relaxing and easy to do!

Anyone have one of the new cricut expressions air 2? Im wondering if it really is faster than the plain old expression. I have one of the older models and I think it cuts just fine and fast enough for me. But I am wondering if the new one really cuts that much faster that I need to upgrade it. Opinions would be gladly accepted on this question!!

Well...if you would like to  let me know what kind of projects you have been doing, that would be great. Bye for now!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The muse strikes again!

How many of you have a personal muse?  Well I do...but she is fickle. She comes and goes with the wind. But I have learned that when she does call I need to listen and get busy creating. Especially now, since "Droughtlander" has started. Droughtlander sis what we Outlander fans call the period between seasons of Outlander. You see, the second season of Outlander (a series of books by Diana Galbaldon) has just ended and I am not occupied with watching it right now.So I am getting busy with reorganizing and cleaning. If you are interested in Outlander, just put that into your search engine and you will get a multitude of sites to go to for info. Or you can just click on the link under the author's name above or on the title.

 Right now, the clean up part of my muse has struck and I am cleaning and getting rid of craft stuff that I don't use anymore or never will. I will give those away to teachers or friends who want them and what doesn't go will go to the local charity shop. I began last Sunday and am still in the process! I can see some change though!

Lately, I have been in a mind to use my new Cricut Explore and the window cling material I have purchased. I also just purchased on ebay,  a new Cricut cartridge called "The Ultimate Creative Sampler and it has many designs that are suitable for all sorts of crafting....from window clings to scrap booking to embroidery, etc. It was a bit pricey since it is out of production I think but in looking at what is in it, it will be worth it to have it. I probably could have gotten just the ones I need from the Cricut design space but I chose to instead own the whole cartridge and thus have the bunch available for me whenever I want it. There are some really neat images on there suitable for making window clings. I recently uploaded all my cartridges to my new Explore machine and got it all set up to use with my Ipad. I made a couple of sample window clings and they were pretty cute so I can't wait for the new cartridge to arrive. I do feel that having a Cricut machine is a huge step up in being able to make your own die cuts and all sorts of cute boxes, envelopes, etc for any event or party!
Ultimate Creative Sampler

I recently purchased from someone on Facebook's buy and sell sites a ton of scrapbook paper and stamps and assorted stickers. I want to have a scrap booking night at my house where we can get together and start scrapbooking again. I have gotten out of it for a while and need to work on books for my grandchildren. Since I am the major picture taker in my family I have no shortage of pictures to choose from.
So that is what is going to happen soon....

Oh and I really need to get my kiln set up. I want to delve into the world of glass fusing. So I need to find a place were I can put my kiln so it can be accessible but not in the way of crafting. I have a rather large space for crafting but it is taken up with lots of storage and I really need to consolidate hence the beginning portion of this blog and what I am doing today and for the next few days. go and get busy right now. I need to really try and keep up on this crafting blog. I found this really cute site recently that had tons of cute stuff for kids to do whether at home or in class.
Its called and they have cute stuff to make. Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Happy crafting!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Sizzix Giveaway BUNDLE!!!!

Do you like paper crafts? Have you always wanted to try your hand at creating cut outs and decorating using a Sizzix? Well I do and this is both of our chances to win this wonderful product. GO and check out this contest and see what wonderful things you can make with this item. There are also great tutorials and wonderful lessons on this site on making creative items like an artistic bible journal and cards and other decorating items!!
This contest is to win a BIG SHOT SIZZIX and about $2500 dollars worth of supplies and products!
Here is the link below-  so go and enter this contest cause it is fabulous and you and I might both win a prize!!   GOOD LUCK!!
Copy and paste this address into your browser to enter :

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sewing Bug!

Wow...lately I have been sewing and crocheting up a storm.  I crocheted myself a beautiful shawl (mostly inspired by the Outlander series) and it is so warm. Then I have been crocheting some hats. I also finished up a blanket that I am going to give away for a gift.
My sewing machine has been busy also! I have sewn some fleece for a friend and also made myself a nice table runner and placemats for my table. I have an apron all cut out and ready to sew and need to cut out the patterns for the flannel pants I am making for my grandchildren. The My Little Pony fleece blanket is for my grand daughter who is now three and has discovered these cute little toys!
It has been fun to re-discover my sewing machine and my serger.
Here are a few pictures of some of the projects I have finished lately:

Claire's Rent Shawl from Outlander

Crocheted fingerless gloves

Table runner and placemats

My Little Pony blanket

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Slow and steady!


Well, I have had to stop in my efforts to clean up my craft space because mostly I lack the muscle to move heavy things. I have been good at going thru stuff and getting some things into the "goodwill" box. Now I  need to set up some tables and they are buried in the garage. Just as soon as those are set up. I will have more space to set up my machines, and other craft tools. Then the crafting will begin. I have not been able to set up my new Cricut Explore yet and I am anxious to do that. I want to make one of those stencils that you see on the wall. Not sure exactly which one I will do but probably something about family,love and laughter, etc.
I just found out too that Cricut sells window cling material, so that you can make your own window clings. I have a Halloween cartridge and would like to make some spider webs and spiders to put on the window.
I am hoping that by the end of the weekend I will be all set up and ready to go. I have several friends that want to do a "crafting night" and I am trying to get it all cleaned up and ready to go!
All in good time and then I will be able to share my projects online as well!!
These are some velvet embossed scarves that I made a couple of years ago. I am hoping to make some more for this holiday season. Super simple to make. You have to get the kind of velvet that is acetate/rayon based. Here is a great tutorial on how to do this.

Happy crafting!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting busy!

Well I have finally started digging into "stuff" downstairs. I have a plan and am going thru things and purging. I got rid of all my stuff I brought home from work. Lots of pens, pencils, note pads, etc. 17 years worth of "stuff". I gave it to my friend Missi who I know will put it to good use at her job in the high school. She also took a box of school supplies that I had from when JR and Enrique were in school. I'm glad she could find a use for it cause I would have hated to give it to the thrift store.

I am excited because I have ordered the new Cricut Explore and it is due to be here on Friday! I want to make some of those wall sayings and post them on one of my walls in my home. Pretty cool huh? I'm excited about being able to do so much more with the new Explore and especially since I am a font hound and have so many disks of fonts I have bought to use at my job and now I can use them for crafting! Yay!
I plan to have craft nights and share my tools. I think the first craft night will be to make Christmas cards! It's been a long time since I made home made Christmas cards and I have lots of wood mounted stamps and lots of acrylic mounted stamps so there will be lots of choices for my guests to use, or they can use the Cricut!! Or both! Lots of options!
Right now the craft room is still in "chaos" state, but it is moving along! Every day it gets closer to what I envision as a space to create!
I posted this picture cause I know lots of people believe finding pennies as a sign from someone they lost. I thought it was worth sharing. I didn't create it but it is still cute.