Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after

Black event that I have never participated in especially since I hate crowds. I just can't get into the mind think that I should have to get up at four am to get a few bucks off of something. Its not my way and my thought is if I get the item in time for Christmas, then great, but if not eventually the recipient will get what they want they just may have to wait a little bit. I saw on TV a show where people were trampled by shoppers running to get into stores and I also heard that today a person was killed by trying to stop shoppers from trampling others and in stead got tramped themselves!!! That is very disturbing.
I don't like Christmas and they way it has become this huge "what are you gonna get me" event. Its nice to get something as a gift unexpected at any time of the year, but there isnt any extra bucks in the pay check for most people at this time of year unless they have saved for it, so I imagine most have to bring out the credit cards. This year its not a wise idea to go overboard, cause who knows what the next year will bring. My family will get one thing that they want but they wont know it until Christmas, Ive been listening and making notes. Just like Santa Claus.

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