Thursday, July 23, 2009

To be or not to be...

What do I want to be when I grow up? First, I want to be happy. Happy with myself, my life, my job, my family and my friends. Then I'd like to be independently wealthy. What? Too superficial. I'm sure many people wish that. I'm just being honest. Money solves a lot of problems. Sure it creates some, but a lot of things can be helped by having money.
I think about people like Michael Jackson and how much he had and still couldn't have a normal life. What to you want when you can have everything you desire? I don't think I'd go out and buy just anything I could. I'd like to (of course) pay off all my debts, then spread the wealth among my family. Buy my daughter a house. Build us a bigger home where we could all live comfortably and not get in each others way. Kind of like a family compound. All living together in the same piece of land but independently. I think it could work. At least I'd like to try. Dreams...ah, they are wonderful aren't they.
Now to go and buy that lottery ticket!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Moving about

This week I will be arranging my new space downstairs for beading specifically. Ive overrun my current room upstairs with all kinds of crafts and will be weeding out stuff that I no longer use or have need for. Lots of scrapbooking papers, and stamps will be added to the sell pile. I started out as a stamper but now am mostly into jewelry making and photography. I still like to stamp and will use my stamps mostly for embossing on velvet or for making images in clay to use in beading. The days of hand stamped cards are over for me. Now I make my own cards on the computer using various resources.
I have lately been taking an online (free) class in photo retouching at and am very pleased with what I have been learning to do in photoshop elements 7. If you haven't checked out her site please do so because she is one very creative lady!
More later...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Just another weekend

Except that this one was freaskishly cold. I mean really cold. I have been cold all weekend. The only place where I can get really warm is in my waterbed. Which sparks to mind all sorts of unusual possiblities. Like can I work from my waterbed? No-cause I'd probably fall asleep, its so comfortable. Can I bead from my waterbed? No...the beads would get all ove in the covers and I'd never find them. Can I eat in my waterbed? No, not unless I want a huge crummy mess in there and I dont. So I just have to brave it and get dressed and try to go about my usual day. But colder. Im starting to not like living here. Cause it seems like its getting colder and colder every year. I used to believe that it was a good thing to live where its colder, cause it "keeps" you, like preservation. But now as I age Im finding that I dont like it so much cause its uncomfortable and it makes my bones ache the older I get.
So...wheres a good temperate place to live? Maybe New Mexico? or ? I most definitely go back to Cali. Been there done that. Have to wait till the kids move on and then I can plan it.

Till then its lots of sweaters and turn the heater up!