Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall and other things...

Hello fall...goodbye summer. Time to put away the shorts, tank tops and flip flops. Time to break out the warm fluffy sweaters that give as much warmth as they do comfort. Time for stews, apple pies and other delicious warm things out of the oven. Time for steaming cups of hot cocoa in that favorite mug of yours with that book you've been dying to read or that movie you've been longing to watch.
Fall is a time for us to slow down and relax after a long busy, hectic summer. I enjoy fall and seeing the leaves turn colors, the rain and the puddles and seeing the kids as they just can't resist jumping in one. There is something about that splash that is so exciting and irresistible. 
As the weather turns colder I am drawn to my worktable where I am making jewelry for the winter bazaars. I have so much I want to do and so many new techniques I want to try. My weekends are busy with trying to squeeze in some creative time among all the other tasks it takes to keep house and still work a full day. 
I have been enjoying watching my grand daughter grow and learn new things and she is such a joy to me. I feel very blessed to have been given the gift of her and her life, she is so very special to us all. My oldest grand son Enrique is visiting family in California, trying to find himself and figure out what to do with his future now that he has graduated from high school. My other grandson, Damien is in the fourth grade now and is doing well in his studies and seems to have finally adjusted to a routine that is compatible with his life. He is a happy child and very loving. 
I am transitioning all my craft "stuff" to the downstairs family room. It will be nice to have every thing in one place finally. Its hard but I have to make it all fit and that will mean getting rid and saying good bye to some craft things that I have held on to but need to let go so that they don't keep "whispering" to me-" use me, use me". If I pass them on to someone else then they will get used and their voices will be quiet. Then I will be able to pay attention the the things that I really want to do and not be concerned with things that aren't getting used. Sounds silly, but it makes sense to me. 
I hope to post some pictures of some of my "creations" soon. Till then...Happy Fall and stay warm.