Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Getting busy!

Well I have finally started digging into "stuff" downstairs. I have a plan and am going thru things and purging. I got rid of all my stuff I brought home from work. Lots of pens, pencils, note pads, etc. 17 years worth of "stuff". I gave it to my friend Missi who I know will put it to good use at her job in the high school. She also took a box of school supplies that I had from when JR and Enrique were in school. I'm glad she could find a use for it cause I would have hated to give it to the thrift store.

I am excited because I have ordered the new Cricut Explore and it is due to be here on Friday! I want to make some of those wall sayings and post them on one of my walls in my home. Pretty cool huh? I'm excited about being able to do so much more with the new Explore and especially since I am a font hound and have so many disks of fonts I have bought to use at my job and now I can use them for crafting! Yay!
I plan to have craft nights and share my tools. I think the first craft night will be to make Christmas cards! It's been a long time since I made home made Christmas cards and I have lots of wood mounted stamps and lots of acrylic mounted stamps so there will be lots of choices for my guests to use, or they can use the Cricut!! Or both! Lots of options!
Right now the craft room is still in "chaos" state, but it is moving along! Every day it gets closer to what I envision as a space to create!
I posted this picture cause I know lots of people believe finding pennies as a sign from someone they lost. I thought it was worth sharing. I didn't create it but it is still cute.

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