Thursday, September 4, 2014

Retired but not tired....

So very much has happened since my last blog:
  • I am now "retired"- having resigned my job due to various issues at work. 
  • I am so much older (duh) and hopefully wiser but still very young at heart!
  • My daughter moved to California along with her husband and the grandchildren. 
  • Our family lost several family members this pass year. (death does appear to come in threes)
  • My relationship with my husband seems to have stabilized or at least I have come to terms with what it is and what it cannot be.
  • My son has moved back home and has just started a wonderful new job at the shipyard!
  • I have made some new friends and some old friends have moved on.
  • I still make jewelry but sales at the local bazaars in the past year have been horrible...and my prices are not high. So it must be that people are holding their money close. 
  • I am a facebook-a-holic....well kinda. 
  • I am happy with what I am doing now...finally!
So that is pretty much it for the major stuff. Right now summer is over for school kids and this is the first year in a long time that I do not have to get up at 6 am to be at work at 8:30! It was kind of weird the first day. I have said it was bittersweet because I fully expected to work up to my 20 years. But I left at 17 years and so I have come to terms with that. It pretty much wasn't my idea to quit at all, but after the chain of events that left me emotionally battered and professionally tattered, I had had enough! Out I went...thru the nearest door at the end of June. I hated to quit a job I loved but my decision to quit was one that I stood behind for several reasons.  But that was 2 months ago and while I still harbor bitterness over the whole occurrence, I have to move on and that means letting go. So enough of that!!!!

I have soooo much more that I need to be doing and I will be getting started soon with some much needed purging of my craft space and my computer space. What I have been doing lately is a lot of crocheting! I made some items to put in our local fair and they got first place (yay)! I made a crocheted dress and sweater for Isabella (my grand daughter) and I also submitted some jewelry pieces which also got first place. The photo I submitted got an honorable mention and I have to admit it was one that I had and I kind of knew that it would not win a major prize. But I liked it and I wanted to see what the local pros thought. If you want a link to the patterns for the items shown, send me an email and I will send it to you!

So what I am crocheting right now is a Halloween bag made with reflective yarn (expensive at $6.97/Walmart) a skein. And the skeins are not that big but I have decided to make the reflective yarn an accent on the bag and not make the bag totally out of that yarn.  It will look just as cute with regular yarn as the main focus of the bag.  Here is a link to the pattern.  
It is really rather easy and you start at the bottom of the bag and as you crochet up it forms the bottom of the sack. I plan to line it with a pillow case so that her Halloween loot doesn't stretch out the bag and hopefully she can use it for a few more years! 

I also have two other projects going on but they are slow going as one is an afghan and the other is a shawl.  Both are taking forever to crochet, but will be worth it when done!

I recently bought some metal stamps (see above) and I will be going down to my crafting studio to make some earrings and other jewelry with them.  I am excited to use them and to see what I can do with them. I got them from  which is a great place to buy beads or any other jewelry needs. They are close to me and I get my orders very fast!!

Off to get busy now...have to do some housework and then on to crafting! See ya later!

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