Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hello Fellow Crafters!

Its me again. This time I am going to talk about my nemesis...getting organized! I am currently separating my beads by color which in my mind will make it easier for me to assemble and get what I need if they are in different boxes! Im almost done and will be putting the boxes back on the shelf. Then I can start creating again. Getting organized is a big help and will make it so much easier for me to access my many different types and colors of beads. I'll let you know how this works out! LOL!

"Gambler's rosary"
My latest passion is to make rosaries. I have made some and they have been greatly appreciated by those who receive them. But I think I will be making them to sell now. Each rosary takes a lot of time to make each link. You have to cut the wire and loop it and then connect it to the next bead or chain. It is a tasking process and one has to take care to make sure the loops are secure and closed tightly so that the rosary doesn't fall apart. I have found a wonderful site to buy my crosses and scapula's from and they have them in all types of metals and they even have beads. Here is the site's address if you are interested. As you can see by the two pictures, I made two very different types of rosaries recently. One was a "Gambler's Rosary" and I had that idea from seeing the plastic dice beads. I entered it at the local fair and it got a honorable mention, but everyone laughs about it and thinks I should make more and sell them at the local casino!!  Not really sure about that!  The other rosary is more traditional and I recently gifted that to my mom who loves it. It got First Place at the fair and was fun to make. Tedious but fun!  Check them out for your rosary needs!
Here is a link to how to make a rosary: this link even has a video to help you make a rosary and also other resources.

copper and beads
Another thing I have been doing is some sewing. I am going to be making aprons to add to my items to sell. Hopefully I will do a craft fair or two this season and wanted to have something other than just jewelry. I think that aprons may be making a comeback because people are cooking more and staying home and aprons are great for keeping those clothes clean! I will post pictures when I get them done!

I have also been doing a lot of crocheting! Making hats for my womens club and some baby hats for friends. I like to sit and crochet in the evenings and watch tv. It is relaxing and easy to do!

Anyone have one of the new cricut expressions air 2? Im wondering if it really is faster than the plain old expression. I have one of the older models and I think it cuts just fine and fast enough for me. But I am wondering if the new one really cuts that much faster that I need to upgrade it. Opinions would be gladly accepted on this question!!

Well...if you would like to  let me know what kind of projects you have been doing, that would be great. Bye for now!

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